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Kick off JAR file Launch your Java files
Size: 16 KB
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Launcher launch jar Java launcher JAR launcher  
Jar Jar Links A useful helper for embedding Java libraries
Size: 110 KB
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embed Java library jar engine embedding client helper  
DVDFab File to Mobile DVDFab File to Mobile is the most powerful File to Mobile Converter which can read almost all the popular video formats, and convert video on your PC to various video/audio formats supported by next g
Size: 13.21 MB
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create video file mobile video converter Video to Mobile  
Mobile File Manager Mobile File Manager allows you to connect to remote file servers
Size: 652 KB
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iPod file manager file manager manage DSN file  
Mobile Phone File Recovery Mobile Phone File Recovery software effectively retrieves deleted photographs, text messages, phone book contacts, pictures and other important files from your branded cell phone handsets without bein
Size: 2.5 MB
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Any File Split & Join Mobile Quick and easy way for the splitting files into any number of smaller files as well as joining components back into the original file for Windows Mobile devices
Size: 457.03 KB
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Smaller Files File Lock get back files flash player mobile  

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MidiPiano - MIDI File Player Recorder MidiPiano is a program that lets you can make piano quickly and easily.
Size: 1.14MB
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midi file File Lock free flash player nokia mp4 player  
MIDI MP3 Converter Convert MIDI files to MP3 WMA WAV OGG VOX with MIDI MP3 Converter
Size: 4.32 MB
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Converter Encoder conversion midi converter midi to mp3  
Karakan A free and easy to use editor for creating MIDI karaoke files.
Size: 408 KB
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MIDI Create karaoke MIDI editor create MIDI karaoke file  
DX7 Librarian It is a Macintosh program for managing voice data for DX7 synthesizer.
Size: 929KB
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File Lock imesh for mac bitcomet for mac jar file mobile  
Mididiom A program that takes an existing midi file and generates a new song
Size: 416.32K
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MIDI export MIDI song generator generate MIDI editor  
MidiQuickFix MIDI sequence made easy
Size: 361 KB
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fix Sequencer sequence MIDI sequencer sequence MIDI  

jar file mobile in description

One-JAR One-jar is a lightweight, Java-based application designed to provide you with a simple method for merging the main JAR file with its dependencies into a single file. Using a custom classloader, One-JA...
Size: 310 KB
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Merge join Package merge JAR JAR joiner join JAR  
JAR Finder JAR Finder was developed as an accessible and simple Java-based instrument that can help the user locate a JAR file out of a given set of JARs. It takes a Class name/Fully qualified class name as sear...
Size: 27 KB
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search searcher Finder Jar Finder JAR searcher  
sfx4j This project allows you to embed an executable jar file into a single class/jar file. The generated class file has the main method and it will launch the jar file. Give sfx4j a try to see how useful i...
Size: 622 KB
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class jar class file generator JAR file creator  
Opening Jars The Opening jars application was developed to be a small tool that can be used to extract Jar files. Jars are merely files compressed using zip compression; the primary difference between a standard z...
Size: 2.3 MB
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extractor extract use RXTXcomm.jar Jar Builder jar creator  
Manentia Commons jar (1.0.2) · commons-codec-1.1.jar (1.1-dev) · commons-dbcp.jar (1.1-dev) · commons-digester.jar (1.5-dev) · commons-discovery.jar (0.2) · commons-lang-2.0.jar (2.0...
Size: 196 KB
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development develop handle java utility  
JarAnalyzer JarAnalyzer was developed to be a dependency management utility for jar files. It's primary purpose is to traverse through a directory, parse each of the jar files in that directory, and identify the ...
Size: 607 KB
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analyzer Analyze physical dependency dependency